• Selling Off China's State-Owned Enterprises?

    Professor Curtis J. Milhaupt’s policy paper on China's state sector and mixed-ownership reform is the subject of discussion in The Economist's 2016 "What If" collection of scenarios in various fields.

    Selling Off China's State-Owned Enterprises?
  • 'Supplement, Not Supplant'

    A new paper by Professor James S. Liebman and LL.M. graduate Michael Mbikiwa ’16 defends the U.S. Education Department’s proposed spending regulations against criticism from a recent Congressional Research Service report.

    'Supplement, Not Supplant'
  • From the Magazine

    Cameron Nelson ’15 LL.M.

    Before joining the JAG Corps, Navy Lieutenant Commander Cameron Nelson ’15 LL.M. served as an oncology nurse in the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps, and was a member of several hospital bioethics committees at her various duty stations around the world.

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