Columbia Law School offers a broad range of career services and programs to support students and graduates of the Law School in their career decision-making process. Through the expertise and individual attention of the Career Services Office and the Center for Public Interest Law, Columbia provides unmatched opportunities for students to join in real-world legal efforts, and a comprehensive approach to developing fulfilling careers.

The Career Services Office provides services to a variety of employers including those in private practice, corporate/financial NGO's, academic institutions and some federal regulatory agencies. The Office also assists employers wishing to participate in Columbia's many interview programs for both JD and international LL.M. students.

The Center for Public Interest Law provides information, counseling, and guidance to students and graduates about permanent jobs, summer and semester internships, and pro bono projects. The Center individually assists students in exploring the role of a public interest lawyer in nonprofit organizations, government agencies, international human rights NGO's, the Academy, and other areas, including pro bono service in private law firms. 

Columbia is also among the small handful of law schools that consistently places its students in dozens of federal and state court clerkships, ranging from the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Courts of Appeals to the state supreme courts and the chambers of federal magistrate judges.