Vivian O. Berger
Nash Professor of Law Emerita
B.A., Radcliffe (Harvard), 1966; J.D., Columbia, 1973.  Joined the Columbia faculty first in 1975 and again in 1983.  Principal areas of interest are criminal process and law (in particular, capital punishment), habeas corpus, mediation/alternative dispute resolution, and employment discrimination.
Barbara Aronstein Black
George Welwood Murray Professor Emerita of Legal History, Dean Emerita, Faculty of Law
B.A., Brooklyn, 1953; LL.B., Columbia, 1955; Ph.D., Yale, 1975.
Harlan M. Blake
Arthur Levitt Professor Emeritus of Law
B.A., Chicago, 1946; M.A., 1947; J.D., 1954.
R. Randle Edwards
Walter Gellhorn Professor Emeritus of Law
A.B., Harvard, 1956; J.D., 1964; A.M., 1964; M. Phil., 1967. Research associate in Chinese law, Harvard Law School, 1967–73
Robert A. Ferguson
George Edward Woodberry Professor Emeritus in Law, Literature, and Criticism
A.B., Harvard, 1964; J.D., 1968; Ph.D., 1974
Richard N. Gardner
Professor Emeritus of Law and International Organization
A.B., Harvard, 1948; J.D., Yale, 1951; D.Phil., Oxford, 1954. Rhodes Scholar.  Note editor, Yale Law Journal.
Jack Greenberg
Alphonse Fletcher, Jr. Professor of Law Emeritus
B.A., 1945; LL.B., 1948; LL.D., 1984 Columbia; Morgan State College, 1965; Lincoln (Pennsylvania), 1977; John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 1983; Columbia, 1984; De Paul, 1994; Howard, 2004; Notre Dame, 2005, and other degrees. Assistant Counsel 1949 – 1960; Director-Counsel NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund; one of lawyers who argued Brown v. Board of Education in US Supreme Court.
James L. Hoover
Professor Emeritus of Law
Vice Dean for Administration, Retired
Subha Narasimhan
Professor Emerita of Law
B.S., London, 1970; M.S., Stanford, 1972; Ph.D., 1975; J.D., Columbia, 1980.
William F. Young
James L. Dohr Professor Emeritus of Law
B.A., Texas, 1947; LL.B., 1949.